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About Shreeji Sharnam

Shreeji Sharnam is a website completely dedicated to Prabhu Shreenathji. It contains all the information, details, guidance and online store for the Prasad, Pichwai, Tasveer and other merchandise.

Started by few vaishnav individuals who believes & loves to go and worship lord Shreenathji in person every month but due to the busy life at Mumbai could not achieve it. We at Shreeji Sharnam, understand that Aastha is the key to Moksha. We also understand that going to temples gives us immense satisfaction. But, it’s very difficult for us to take out time and go visit a temple. That’s why is an attempt from our side to provide you with Prasad, Tasveer & other Merchandise of shreenathji which you want at your place to stay connected with Thakurji.

This site is an effort to meet Vaishan community’s religious and spiritual vocations. We seek your feedback and inputs on this effort, to improve ourselves and to expand what we can offer you in this journey. Please send your inputs and feedback at