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Navnit Priyaji

Navnit Priyaji (LALAN)

NavneetPriyaji | Shreeji Sharnam
Navnit Priyaji Temple at Nathdwara

Also known as Lalan OR Balgopal, Navnit Priiyaji is the infant swarup of Shrinathji. The temple of Navnit Priyaji is located withiin the premises of Shreenathji Temple.
It is said that worship of LALAN gives prosperity and happiness.


Vitthalnathji | Shreeji Sharnam
Vitthalnathji Temple at Nathdwara

Located at the exit ot Shreenathji Temple, Vitthalnathji Temple is one of the oldest structure and has antique architecture.


LalBag | Shreeji Sharnam
MadanMohanji Temple at Nathdwara

This temple has various birds and tortoise inside the premises and gives a feeling of forests in BRIJ.